Corporate Internet

Wireless /Wi-Fi/ Internet Service

Our team is building Wi-Fi zones based on high-speed, easy to use, environment friendly, smart technology that will cover Ulaanbaatar city completely. In Mongolia all types of wireless network working, but our advantage is wi-fi network based on 802.11n MIMO technology. Its speed is faster than other wi-fi technology and speed per person is higher

Customer who is connected to Kewiko Wifi, will use shared ½ speed. We will provide a corporate service after make an agreement with company. Our corporate service’s speed is up-to speed on the agreement which is made with company. Corporate customers need our wireless equipment, because our service will be provided from our base station. Corporate customer’s speed can be tested on website ( of Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC).

Speed and price of corporate wireless internet service (monthly)
Service Price (MNT)
1 1 mbps (shared) 90 000
2 2 mbps (shared) 160 000
3 3 mbps (shared) 245 000
4 4 mbps (shared) 330 000
5 5 mbps (shared) 415 000
6 6 mbps (shared) 500 000
7 7 mbps (shared) 585 000
8 8 mbps (shared) 670 000
9 9 mbps (shared) 755 000
10 10 mbps (shared) 840 000
Price of rental of wireless network (monthly)
Service Price (MNT)
1 512 Kbps (Dedicated) 45 000
2 1 mbps (Dedicated) 75 000
3 2 mbps (Dedicated) 135 000
4 3 mbps (Dedicated) 195 000
PS: VAT included.

Fiber Optic Internet Service

We offer to you 24 hours, high speed, most reliable fiber optic internet service that can fully satisfy your company’s needs at your desired connection speed.


  • Latest technology with highspeed
  • Time unlimited, 24/7 hours connection, reliable at desired speed
  • No any sharing with others.
  • Same upload and download speed.
  • Unlimited download and upload data.
  • Unlimited speed to all domestic web sites.
  • Unlimited speed to all web sites between 12a.m-7a.m o’clock.
  • No limit to number of computers .
  • Video conferencing, high quality voice and video transmission .
  • Location and weather independent reliable operation.
  • Lower price compare to other high speed hotline services.
  • After services including operator call and onsite technical services.

Ask about price?

Installation fee  

400,000 MNT-2,250,000 MNT /depend on results of technical site survey’/


  • Free rental of vehicle tracking server for up to 5 cars. / installs GPS device in your vehicle and monitors through GSM network/
  • 8 and more external IP address
  • 3 to 8 e-mail address.

New customer 
Please provide your address information.

  1. We will analyze if your company’s network can connect to our fiber network, and give you answer within 2 work days.
  2. After that you need come our office /Kewiko office/ with official document and make the service agreement .
  3. According to agreement, after you made prepayment installation will be made and training will be given.

Contact Us 

We are ready to organize a meeting andgiveadvisesabout technical solutions to fit your company’s features and other possibilities.



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