Error messages description

If you have any problem to connect the internet, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Invalid username or password
    Your username or password is incorrect, please check and re-enter your username and password.
  2. Please enable Javascript and send it again.
    If you have see this  error message please enable energize your web browser’s Javascript

    • If you’re using Google chrome, follow next instruction to enable Javascript
      Settings -> Options -> Under the hood -> Content settings -> Allow all sites to run, and press OK.

    • If you’re using Mozzila Firefox
      Mozilla -> Options -> Content-> Enable Javascript and click OK.

  3. Prepaid card expired
    This error means that your card usage time is expired.Please be carefull that all cards usage time counter starts from your first login.
  4. No response from the server
    If you have this message it means that there might be error in our network devices. Please call to the operator telephone 21-252518, 7777-7778.
  5. You are already logged in-access denied
    If you’ve seen this error it .means that there are attempt to use one user right at the two devices simultaneously. In other words, you are connected to KEWIKO_WiFi using your notebook computer or smart phone and trying to connect another devices without logging out from current session
  6. Turned off Wireless Card
    If you can’t see any wifi connection please check your Wireless card is  switched on. How to check wireless card is switched on: See if there is a red cross on the wireless connection icon of your Taskbar located right bottom of your desktop. If your wireless card is switched off, please press Fn+F2 key to turn it on.



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