1.   I can not login with my one year card, error message is You are not allowed to connect this NAS. How can I connect ?

Our company offered 512mbps speed one year card for customer who lives in Bayanzurkh, Nalaih, and Sukhbaatar districts. That card is allowed to access only from areas of indicated districts and not allowed to access from other districts. The error message You are not allowed to connect this NAS tells that you are trying to connect to the internet from diffirent place or district.
2.  Is card expiration time depends on usage time. For example: I use internet with 3000 tugrug card, then click on Disconnect to leave connection. Can I use my remaining time later after expiry of card?
Kewiko offers 5 diffirent card types with diffirent expiry time. So your expity time will be started counting from your first login time.In other words, if you have logged in first time at 13:00h using the 1 day, then your card will expire at 13:00h of next day. Therefore please select your desired card depending on your usage.



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