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KEWIKO is wireless internet services and communications technology company that serves customers in most populated cities in Mongolia with high-speed wireless network.

KEWIKO company was established in 2010 to serve customers in Ulaanbaatar city with high-speed internet connection through wireless network (Wi-Fi). Today, we have full network coverage in Ulaanbaatar that is available to more than 98% of city’s population.

Dedicated to our mission of “We always respect customers and extend Wi-Fi internet service to every corner of Mongolia”, we are working to provide high quality service and expanding network infrastructure to nationwide coverage.

Kewiko’s experienced engineers and technical staff, sales and marketing professionals work together to provide internet services and communications solutions to consumers and corporate clients.

The company implemented several large scale projects successfully in recent years, including the “Providing the internet service in Bayanzurkh district suburban area” in 2011, “Connecting to Internet and supplying hardware devices for all schools and kinderkarden in the Sukhbaatar district” in 2012, “Free Internet hotpots in Ulaanbaatar” in 2013. In addition we serves Wi-Fi roaming visitors from international service providers that include the Boingo, iPass and AT&T.




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