Payment information

Buy from resellers

Kewiko is selling prepaid internet cards through resellers in order to bring it closer to our customers and make it easier. You are able to select from 6 different cards depending on your preferred usage time. Please call to Customer care center 7777-7778, 21-252518 or visit WiFi covered areas->Resellers informationto find nearest reseller to you.

Buy online

Online payment service, the service available via highly secured and encrypted transaction with banks, saves customers’ time and simplifies payment procedure. Customers will extend their usage plan using cards issued by Statebank, KHAN, Golomt, TDB and other banks.

Pay to bank account

We operate this service dedicated to our customers who use Mobile bank. Please transfer appropriate price amount of your selected prepaid cardto our bank account and call operator at 21-252518or 7777-7778 to confirm your payment. You will receive prepaid card details in your mobile phone by SMS message.

Please click here for more details:

Pay to bank account details

The bank account numbers are below:

  1. Golomt bank1905008963
  2. Khanbank5022726666
  3. Statebank106000021895

After your payment have confirmed customers user name and password will be sent to your mobile phone by SMS message.

Note: Please input your selected prepaid card type, mobile phone number and transaction details clearly in the money remittance order.

Pay via Most money service

Customers will be able to purchase Kewiko prepaid internet service through Most money service. You need to have bank account at one of the following banks: Trade and Development bank, Capitron Bank and Statebank. There are 3 options to purchase Kewiko prepaid card, Simple menu for all type of mobile phone, Smart phone Application for Android and iPhone devices, and Web site. Please click here for detailed payment instruction.

Most money payment details

a. Please follow next steps for Simple menu.

- Select “Элдэв төлбөр” service

- Enter your Pin code.

- Select an account.

- Enter product code (Please see table below or call number 31-57-57 for product code).

- Do not need to enter user name.

- Confirm your transaction.

- You will receive user name and password in your phone as a SMS message.

b. Please follow next steps, if you are using iPhone or Android smart phone.

- Select “Элдэв төлбөр”

- Select from the list

- Mobile internet.

- Kewiko

- Select product.

- Select the account and press Transaction button (Do not need to enter user name ).

- You will receive user name password in your phone as a SMS message.

Please visit Kewiko home page Support menu or call number 7777-7778, 21-252518for further assistance.

Product Code Product name Price
K2000 12 hours card 2000MNT
К3000 3 day card 3000MNT
К8000 12 days card 10000MNT
К25000 30 days card 25000MNT

Pay via automatic vending machine

We are offering to our customers the possibility to buy prepaid internet card by using the Vendex and Quickpay automatic terminals.

Please click here to find nearest Vendex terminal to you.

Please click here to find nearest Quickpay terminal to you.




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