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In most cases to connect internet, you will need fiber-optic cable or LAN connection, and installation which costs a lot of money and time. But you will not get into these problems if you use our internet.

Our internet is different from other ISP because it is wi-fi (wireless internet). It’s easy to use. Everyone in Ulaanbaatar city can use our services, especially people live in rural side of city. You will only need notebook computer, Smartphone, tablet, and other devices with wi-fi. Also you can use your desktop computer.

You can chooseone of these devices and you can connect to internet by choosing a card from 5 types depend on your time usage.

Ps: using a card, customer tutorial

Kewiko has 6 different speed cards that connect to wireless internet, under the regulation of Communications Regulatory Commission CRC, its shared by 1/4. Our wireless internet speed is up 2 mbps in one customer’s speed. Speed, misconnection, bad connection depend on customer’s connecting signal and location. Before purchasing our internet cards, please use our free trial. Customer’s speed can be tested on website ( of Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC).

Servicing rate

2 tsag front 3000 12 honog front 19500
1000 min / 1000 ₮ 3 day / 3000 ₮  12 day / 10000 ₮ 30 day / 19500 ₮
Unlimited Unlimited  Unlimited Unlimited
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